Digital signage solutions are changing how education works. They let students, teachers, and parents interact with learning in new ways. These new tools come from companies like Rise Vision. They use interactive displays, smart boards, and lots of multimedia tools to make learning better. Rise Vision’s leader, Brian Loosbrock, has seen how big a difference these tools can make in schools. They help improve how people talk and learn, making school better for everyone.

Rise Vision wants to make schools better at talking, being safe, and feeling good. They offer neat stuff, easy ways to use it, and very good help. This makes learning more exciting and opens new doors in tech for education.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital signage solutions change learning with cool displays, smart boards, and online tools.
  • Rise Vision, under Brian Loosbrock, makes talking and learning better for teachers, kids, and families.
  • Rise Vision’s goal is to help schools talk better, stay safe, and be more fun places to learn.
  • These solutions offer great stuff, friendly software, and top help to make learning fun and smart.
  • Rise Vision’s way of using digital signs is making schools use tech in new and amazing ways.

The Power of Communication

Good communication matters in schools. Things like Rise Vision help link students, teachers, and parents easily. At Weslaco Independent School District (Weslaco ISD) in Texas, using Rise Vision has made a big difference. It has bettered how they share info on their campuses.

Before, the district was stuck with old digital signs systems. These caused problems in updating and sharing news. Since using Rise Vision, Weslaco ISD has seen a big step up in telling people what they need to know. They put screens in places like halls, offices, and classrooms. And thanks to Iris Cardona, the Library Media Assistant, they make their messages look great. She uses tools like Canva and Google Slides to boost the signs’ looks and messages.

Enhancing Safety Measures

Keeping students safe is key. Rise Vision’s digital signs make it easier to send out alerts fast. When there’s an emergency, schools like Necedah in Wisconsin can lock down in under 20 seconds now. This is half the time it used to take.

Before, Necedah’s only way to get out fast alerts was through old loudspeaker systems. But that was slow. It took a whole minute to lock the school. In places like Saline School District in Michigan, Rise Vision is also a big help. It makes the school a safer and better place for everyone. It works great with emergency services to keep things running smoothly.

Necedah Schools Reduced Time to Lockdown by 50%

At Necedah Schools in Wisconsin, locking down is now much quicker. It takes less than 20 seconds, thanks to Rise Vision and InformaCast. This is over half as fast as before.

They used to depend just on loudspeakers for emergency news, which was slow. But now, with Rise Vision and Informacast working together, emergency messages go on all screens instantly. This helps keep the school safer.

Improving School Safety at Saline School District

Saline Area Schools show how tech can keep schools safe. Rise Vision is a big part of this. It helps make the school a better and safer place. Jay Grossman, the IT Director, likes it for sending out emergency messages on all screens at once.

And it even helps students with special needs. Lisa York, a special education consultant, says it helps every student be part of school life. This shows how important good tech and communication are in schools.

Fostering a Positive School Culture

Digital signage like Rise Vision helps make school a better place. It shows off what students do, talks about fun things to do, and celebrates different backgrounds. This makes everyone feel proud and like they belong together at school. The Davis Schools show us how using digital signage technology can help everyone feel included, even when things are hard.

Connecting Beyond the Classroom at Davis Schools

Ava faced a tough time with lymphoblastic lymphoma but stayed connected to school through digital signage. This was made possible by Bobby Alexander, the District Technology Director. It let Ava tell her story and stay in touch with friends. The digital signage system really helped her feel part of the school, even if she wasn’t there in person.

Boosting Engagement and Participation

Digital signage is more than info on a screen. It turns learning into fun with cool looks, fresh info, and hands-on learning. It grabs students’ eye like old ways can’t.

CrownTV’s apps make signs lively and useful. They help share updates fast and keep everyone in the know. Teachers and students always get the latest news and event info, thanks to these digital signs.

Real-Time Information Sharing

With CrownTV, everyone stays updated. Be it emergency alerts or exciting news, it spreads info quickly and keeps people hooked.


Going digital cuts costs in the long run. No more endless printing and updates like traditional ways. Digital signs save money, use less power, and grow with you without big spending.

Enhancing Campus Safety

Digital signs are key for safety, especially in emergencies. They show clear, life-saving alerts fast. This helps everyone move calmly and safely. Safety info keeps flowing, making the campus a safer place every day.


Digital signage has changed schools a lot. It’s more than just cool tech. It helps with school news, making a good school vibe, getting students involved, and keeping everyone safe. Tools like Rise Vision are changing how schools work for the better.

Brian Loosbrock knows a lot about how digital signage helps kids learn. As a parent and CEO of Rise Vision, he’s seen the big changes. Schools can now be fun and open places for learning, thanks to new tech. This prepares kids well for life today.

Digital signage is about more than screens and software. It’s about making school better and helping kids grow in a digital world. With this tech, schools are moving towards a future where learning is exciting and fits with today’s digital life.


What are the key benefits of digital signage solutions for education?

Digital signage changes how we learn, with interactive screens and multimedia. Schools become safer and more culture-positive places.

How has digital signage transformed communication at Weslaco ISD?

Weslaco ISD in Texas got better at sharing info after using Rise Vision. Their old signs caused delays in updates. Now, they share news faster on displays across school.

How has digital signage improved safety measures in schools?

Digital signs by Rise Vision help Necedah Schools in Wisconsin act faster during safety times. It cut their lockdown time by half. Before, they were slower, using old PA systems for emergencies.

How has digital signage enhanced school safety and accessibility at Saline School District?

Rise Vision at Saline School District helps keep everyone safe with fast alerts. It also makes sure all students can get important messages. This includes students with special needs, making school more inclusive for everyone.

How has digital signage contributed to fostering a positive school culture?

Platforms like Rise Vision make schools happy places by highlighting success and events. It builds community pride and inclusion. Davis Public Schools has seen this impact, bringing their community together.

How does digital signage boost engagement and participation in the educational setting?

Digital signage makes learning fun by offering interactive displays that draw students in. CrownTV’s apps make signs engaging. This setup sparks more interest and learning than ever.

What are the cost-effective benefits of implementing digital signage in education?

Digital signage is a smart money choice for schools. It’s cheaper than traditional printing in the long run. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and saves electricity costs.

How does digital signage enhance campus safety?

Digital signs are key for quick safety alerts and calm evacuations. They don’t just help during crises. Signs also share health tips and updates, making campuses safer every day.