The new wave of high-end living is represented by luxury condominiums and high-rising residential towers, but what can be considered modern in such settings can only be described as futuristic, as evidenced by the design of digital beverage coolers. Consisting of stainless steel containers that house refreshing or summer drinks on the second floor, digital beverage coolers utilize the latest digital technology to keep products cool. As these refrigerators and drink coolers occupy less space than a refrigerator or ice chest, residents of these high-rise residences have more free space for other furnishings. The sleek lines and state-of-the-art amenities are supplemented by floor-to-ceiling windows, custom wood furniture, and views of the ocean.

The residences feature cutting-edge technologies and detailed, detail-oriented craftsmanship, from luxurious digital beverage coolers up to 42-inch flat screen televisions which are pre-installed and come standard in many residences. Tall tower houses, meanwhile, provide panoramic views of the ocean and the skyline. Surprisingly, the hospice care services offered in the residences cater not only to senior citizens, but also to those with varying degrees of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and similar conditions. These personalized care facilities also provide hospice care, palliative care, and special needs assistance.

In keeping with the trend toward high-end living and development, the communities offer exquisite ocean views, plenty of open space, extensive courtyards and lobbies, gourmet restaurants, boutiques, shopping, and movie theaters. The bicycling and walking paths are lined with beautiful brick pavers, while waterfront and island homes are surrounded by lush green landscapes. The real estate professionals at the residence sites ensure that there is plenty of parking available for residents – a rarity in the more crowded cities and towns. As if that were not enough, the amenities and facilities featured in the communities make it easy for residents to do their daily routines without having to worry about commuting. Indeed, Freeman Homes for example is committed to offering both serenity and convenience to their residents, which they believe is the key to long-term success.

The distribution list includes everything from coffee and tea to waters, juices, snacks, pet food, and even organic juices, as well as premium beverages like wines and champagnes. The digital beverage coolers and dispensers have built-in water filtration systems, ensuring that you always have fresh, clean, and filtered water. The personalized service makes it convenient to serve everyone in your household with all the beverages they prefer. Since so many people have such diverse tastes, you can be sure that your personalized selection of beverages will be a hit with everyone in the household.

The beverage coolers are also ideal for companies looking for an eco-friendly approach to marketing their products. Distributing sodas and other beverages in bulk can be quite costly, but with these dispensers at your disposal, you can save not only money but space as well. In addition to saving on space, beverage coolers are also convenient since you can place them just about anywhere. The distribution area does not have to be limited, and you can place them at any time where your guests might access them. With this type of dispenser, you can be sure that your company is reaching every potential customer out there!

Some people prefer the environmentally friendly and cost efficient approach to advertising that these digital beverage coolers offer. They help the company cut down on wasted resources, especially those that go to waste in a major city like Atlanta. You can be sure that your advertisements are reaching people who will be very interested in the products and services that you offer, thus increasing your sales and profits!

If you want your advertisements to be more than just a picture or graphic, you can place a personal touch on your promotions by adding a personal logo that is embroidered on the cooler. If you have a high profile product that you want people to know about, such as a popular television program, then you can get your product distributed to local restaurants and fast food chains. There are plenty of business card printers and companies that are capable of doing this for you at an affordable price, allowing you to get your advertisement where it needs to go at a fraction of the cost. Digital coolers are the perfect way to make sure that you reach all corners of the country, or the world for that matter!

Digital beverage coolers are an excellent choice for promoting your business, whether you are planning to distribute your beverages at a local restaurant, an Atlanta hotel, convention center, stadium, etc. or you simply want to let everyone know where you are. This type of cooler will allow you to place your name, phone number, website, email address and any other information that you wish to be placed on the dispenser itself. They are a quick and efficient way to share what you have to offer. By using a digital cooler, you can quickly and easily create brand awareness in a place that is sure to click.