Digital Signage Solutions for train stations and airports are just as important to travelers as electronic screens offer information on flight arrivals, departures, baggage claim, baggage check-in, bus information, airport maps and directions to many other essential public services. These are just as important to businesses as these are to travelers. The messages are there for employees, customers and travelers alike. They may also be a company provided benefit or offered by the station manager for a fee. When the goal of creating a positive experience is the primary goal, choosing the right solution can ensure that the message reaches the most important people – the people who will be dealing with it.

customized digital signage solutions

First, take a look at how your digital signage solutions are set up. Depending on the type of equipment, screens, content and display options, you may have separate control panels for destination displays, travel displays and destination information displays. Some software is used in conjunction with web-based terminals while others are fully automated. Terminal software may include information on the weather and traffic patterns while boarding and exiting the facility and may also offer custom displays depending on the software used and screen type. Travel displays are used to direct travelers and provide an informative view of what is going on at all times during the trip.

Once you have determined which screen type you will use and customized digital signage solutions that address your clients needs, then comes the screen design. Many companies choose to display information and other graphic displays using LED technology because it is long lasting, durable, and requires little maintenance. The best displays use a single LED light source which makes it more visible from a distance but keeps color from being washed out from reflections off of other surfaces in the air. The result is a bright, clean line of text and a clean appearance that stands out from the background color.

Another solution used commonly in indoor environments is RTC (rigid film) signage where the digital signage displays are placed in a room for a short period of time such as a conference or training session. Because there is no overhead lighting, the indoor displays can be black and white, although some companies have been able to add some color by using neon or LED lights underneath the screens. If you are not planning to use an indoor digital signage display then you might consider a temporary outdoor display instead. These are often made from weatherproof material such as vinyl and have a clear glass top to showcase anything from promotional signs to informational posters.

Advertising has changed dramatically over the past few decades. No longer do you have to rely on just a simple crossword or even a dictionary definition of a given word. With the help of custom digital signage solutions, any type of advertising can be highlighted. The key is to determine what types of displays will best suit the purpose and deliver the most impact in the least amount of time. With so many different options available today, anyone can find something that is suitable for their business needs.

Even if your business is not one that promotes or sells products, digital signage solutions can still enhance your guest experience. For example, the portable and interactive white boards that are gaining in popularity can help to educate guests about company policies or even highlight new hires. This type of technology allows you to provide your guests with the best possible guest experience every time you are open. Not only can this be used for welcoming new employees, but it is also a great way to interact with current clients. There is no better way to gain the trust of new clients than to ensure that they are truly who they say they are. Whether your goal is to use one of these displays to inform your guests of policies or simply to welcome a new employee into the business, you can get the results you want.