Software for digital signage is a key component in today’s advertising arena. Today’s digital screens have revolutionized the way advertisements are presented to the audience. Digital signage technology uses software to control, manage and display the signage content. The software for signage solutions comes with outstanding features and capabilities that make it the ideal solution for the advertising industry.

software for digital signage

Android support – Among the top software for digital signage apps, Android is the most widely used by the consumers. It supports various advanced features that are found in smart phones such as SMS, email, calendars, contacts, GPS, MMS, internet and so on. With the help of this advanced feature, you can manage your schedule, manage contacts and even manage your mobile internet. It also provides you with instant results and a host of other features that can be very helpful to your business. For instance, Android allows you to integrate Android native applications in order to enhance your business.

Flexibility – Android software for digital signage solutions allows you to access your data from any location. Whether it’s at home or in the office, you can access important information quickly and easily. This feature makes it easy for you to access your schedule or your weather details. If you have multiple displays and multiple panels, you can connect them together with the help of a web browser. You can access your data from anywhere and at any time. However, Android apps need to be installed on the device for which you want to provide them.

Advanced editing tools – Android software for digital signage solution provides advanced tools for editing. In fact, you can edit images with ease, since the platform enables you to manipulate them using a number of tools and graphic tools. Some of these tools are exclusive to this software while others are part of the Android interface. You can also insert digital photos or videos into your display panel using compatible apps.

Media Players – Android software for digital signage solution offers media players such as the Chrome player and the media player found on many smart phones. You can browse through pictures, choose a file and download it directly to your Android device. This feature helps you make use of your Android device as a media player. You can play your favorite songs or take pictures using your device. You can also share pictures or videos on the social networking sites using appropriate apps.

Video Content – Android has great potential as a video content creator. With a few simple steps, you can easily add video content to your Android devices. The software for digital signage solution also allows users to manage their video content with a simple drag and drop feature. You can also upload video content from your camera or capture live video streams directly on your digital displays.

Advanced Security and Management Software – Android signage software allows you to manage and secure your digital displays effectively. The software features a variety of security options such as block list, username block, PIN pad lock, proximity sensor lock, alarm, time and date log, encryption, and port locking. It also features an effective user management system that allows users to remove employees, terminate privileges, and remove devices. This software also provides a mechanism for monitoring employee productivity levels.

Digital Signage Software For Your Mobile Phones – The software for signage screens that you can use on your mobile phones offer similar features as those available on your desktops. You can easily draw texts or images on the screens or publish them using your respective apps. As a matter of fact, the latest mobile phones are already capable of displaying high quality content. You can even send files directly to your displays from your phone. In addition, most mobile phones support 3D drawings and real-time file publication.